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What’s the Recommended Site?

In my last article, I suggested five sites to search for cadavers for a short span of time, and one of those sites was recommended, The Recommended Site. I called it the Recommended Site because the cadaver database contains cadavers from just about every type of source available: obituaries, autopsies, mortuaries, cemetery plots, cemeteries with unidentified remains, cadaveriches, and even records of death. And although I’ve only briefly mentioned some of the reasons why it’s recommended, this list is not exhaustive. But it can serve as a starting point for anyone who has trouble finding good cadaver sites.

The Best Way To What’s The Recommended Site?

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Before listing my recommendations in this article, I’d like to point out something else: it is very important to avoid using IM injections to treat dead people. Unfortunately, I’ve had quite a few cases of people going to a medical spa to have nerve damage done to them in order to try to find a safe I’m injections site. These are often the cheapest im injections sites around, but they can cause necrosis (nerve damage) or permanent nerve damage if they’re used incorrectly.

In the last two articles, I’ve talked about how you should consider the source of a body part when choosing a site to look for a cadaver. In this one, we look at another factor: whether or not a site will offer you access to the appropriate types of tissue for your needs. The Recommended Site is ideal because it offers a variety of body parts, ranging from brain matter to subcutaneous tissue, which you can search through to see what sort of results you can expect. My final advice is this: if you have any questions, or if you’re still not sure what kind of body part you should examine, don’t hesitate to contact the person who created the site. It could save you a lot of hassle in the future, and it could help you decide what sort of body part you should work on. Good luck!

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