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Safe Driver Training for New Drivers

safe driver training

Campus drivers who drive an average of at least 10% of all working hours ( excluding law enforcement) need to take a safe driver training class every year. The Safe Driver Awareness Training needs to be renewed each 3 years. Many companies offer this type of training as part of their employee benefits packages.

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Safe Driver Training For New Drivers

The safe driver training classes should include both the theory module and the driving skills session. The theory part trains you on road laws and safe driving practices. You learn how to stop at lights and what to do if the vehicle in front of you is pulling out of a lane. The theory part is typically taught by classroom instructors. The driving skills session provides you with real-life situations that you will be faced with on the road. The successful participants in the training have been reported to take fewer chances on accidents than those who took part in the theory module alone.

Safe driver trainings usually last for between five and eight hours, depending on the size of class. Most training options are offered in full day sessions. For most states, driver’s education classes are required every eighteen months or whenever there is a lapse in commercial driver’s license renewal. To find more training options in your area, you can search online for safe driving school providers.

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