Simple, elegant watches

Family business Kartel combines handcrafted materials with contemporary high-precision timekeeping to create stunning and affordable watches, priced from £115 and with a three-year warranty.

Services offered by Kartel include in-store bespoke watch making & engraving.

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29 Coal Drops Yard
London N1C 4DQ

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Kartel combines handcrafted materials with high precision timekeeping technology to create timeless, technically perfect watches. 

The brand’s signature Automatic Range is produced in limited runs of 1,000, and each watch is finished with an engraved batch number.


Services at Kartel

Watch Making: at Kartel, you can even create your own, engraved watch using their designs and components. You’ll be guided through your watch build by a master watchmaker, and, once you’ve decided on a message for the case back – which can even be handwritten –  you’ll be helped to operate the engraving machine. Finally, you’ll choose the casing and strap for your unique watch. Book your watchmaking appointment – or book one as a gift –  here.


Kartel was founded in 2014 and has grown steadily ever since, now boasting a successful online business and two stores in Scotland alongside this, their first London store.

Alongside their exquisite watches, the brand sells high quality acetate sunglasses and accessories.