11 Feb - 20 Dec 2023

Cut and Paste – DNA Exhibition at the Crick

Would you edit your DNA if you could? Which diseases and conditions should we try to cure? Where would you draw the line?

This fascinating FREE, interactive exhibition at the Crick Institute looks at the possibilities of editing DNA and the ethics behind it.


New tools called genome editing technologies are changing how science is done in places like the Crick. They help scientists alter DNA more quickly, more easily and more accurately than ever before. These tools have the potential to improve human health and the world around us, but they also bring up new important ethical questions and concerns.

Take part in this brilliant exhibition at the Crick where you can investigate the leaps in health care that genome editing might facilitate, and form your own opinion on morality behind it.
Find out opening times and more information here.


Crick Institute
1 Midland Road

11 Feb - 20 Dec 2023

people outside Cut and Paste at the Crick Institute